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My name is Travis and I am from Boquette, Panama. It is listed by to be one of the best places in the world to retire.
A few months ago 8 men tried to kidnap me. I was fortunate enough to escape them.
I called 911 and the police could not find my house. Later they told me, as an excuse, the police were new and untrained.
Also since last year a retired police captain, Hector Medina, has been stalking me. In July he charged me $1000 for my driver license. When he did not get it for me, I did the best I could and the people at the motor vehicle department helped and it cost me a dollar.
Retired Captain Hector Medina recently wrecked his car and has been intimidating me into giving him $10,000.

I have a brain tumor and he shows no compassion to any one disabled and exploits who ever he can.

It is difficult to determine if the police captain was behind the kidnapping attempt. I am from Panama and had to leave because a corrupt police was consumed with greed. I wanted to warn anybody who is going to retire here.
The police are corrupt, the taxis rude and the people provide poor service to tourists. It rains almost everyday.
There is a two tier pricing system here for tourists. I am Panamanian but not born here. The only people they respect are people who where born here. The rest of us are victims.

Mi nombre es Travis y yo soy de Boquette, Panamá. Que está en la lista de como uno de los mejores lugares en el mundo retirarse.
Hace unos meses, 8 hombres trataron de secuestrar. Tuve la suerte de escapar de ellos.
Llamé al 911 y la policía no pudo encontrar mi casa. Más tarde me dijeron, como excusa, que los policías eran nuevos no capacitados.
También desde el año pasado un capitán retirado de la policía, Héctor Medina, me ha estado acosando. En julio me cobró $ 1000 por mi licencia de conducir. Al no conseguirlo para mí, hice lo mejor que pude me ayudo la gente del departamento de vehículos de motor y me costó un dólar.
El capitán retirado Héctor Medina recientemente chocó su coche me ha estado intimidando para que le de $10,000.
Tengo un tumor cerebral él no muestra compasión. Explota a cualquiera con discapacidad cada vez que puede.
Es difícil determinar si el capitán de la policía estaba detrás del intento de secuestro. Yo soy de Panamá y tuve que abandonar debido a que un policía corrupto fue consumido por la avaricia. Yo quiero advertir a todo aquel que se va a jubilar aquí.
La policía es corrupta, los taxis son rudos y a gente ofrece un mal servicio a los turistas. Llueve casi todos los días.
Hay un sistema de dos niveles de precios para los turistas aquí. Soy panameño, pero no naci aquí. Las únicas personas que respetan son las personas que nacieron aquí. El resto de nosotros somos víctimas.

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  3. Several board members have questioned the authenticity of that particular "report".

  4. I agree with justin. This report is staged. There is no evidence that I can find to back up his outlandish tales. If something as overboard as this story is, wouldnt more be written on his harrowing tale?
    Nope. Something stinks with it.

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  6. In a number of third world countries, the police make up poor pay with bribery, illegal fines and such. However if you behave you will usually not come into contact with them.

    Unfriendly or uninterested employees are just one of those things. I paid good money in Peru because I wanted a hassle free trip and the employees of the company couldn't care less and I had a fair bit of hassle.

    It's par for the course that when you travel, things do not always go well.

  7. So during my recent visit to Panama, I once again rented a car and pretty much drove all around the country. I passed several cops, in cars, on foot, on the side of the road on their motobikes running radar. I was never pulled over or approached. An obvious gringo in a rented car. Just passing my expereince on.

  8. I visited your link. You claim to have called 911. I did not know Panama had a functioning 911 system? HMMM seems something is amiss?

  9. Panama, as far as I know, is not high on the radar as a travel destination here in the US, but I have friends that just returned from a fabulous vacation there - beautiful, uncrowded beaches, great service, reasonable costs. Living there may be a different story entirely as is no doubt the case in many places around the globe. Sadly, government corruption and crime are rampant in several destinations - Mexico comes immediately to mind.

  10. Hi,

    Is it dangerous to stop off here when backpacking for a day or two?

  11. Panama is very highly rated for retirement among foreign countries. I have been to the Panama and certainly would never consider retiring there. It just goes to show that the many publications about best places to retire or live are meaningless.

  12. I've been stopped twice in Panama, same day, for speeding, fortunately for me no ticket as I don't speak Spanish. My wife does, but she didn't speak Spanish to the cop, after a few minutes of looking at my passport he let me go. When we left my wife told me the first cop wanted $ 50 cash for the speeding fine, the 2nd cop wanted some sunscreen

    I have travelled to Panama 6 times so far and driven all over, from Panama City to Bocas Del Toro, Colon, David, Boqueti, and no issues