Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Are You Planning A Panama Tour? If Yes You Need To Think Again!

Panama is not a paradise for tourists anymore. Well, the truth is always bitter to swallow and it is nonetheless a fact that panama is not a safe place for travellers. So, if you have decided upon to visit Panama, then you need to reconsider this decision.

The burgeoning rate of crimes in Panama City testifies to the fact that this country that gained independence from Colombia in the year 1903 is not trouble-free. Street crimes are prevalent in panama and visitors who are vacationing in this country are warned by law enforcement authorities against carrying large amounts of money while visiting specific places while they are out on sightseeing. To add on, armed robberies are regular occurrences in this country and travellers are instructed to adopt necessary precautions even while taking out money from ATM machines.

Kidnapping for money is common in panama and numerous kidnappings reported from several corners of this country on a daily basis has been primarily responsible for the collapse of Panama tourism. People from across the world show enthusiasm for panama vacations as this nation, which is located on the isthmus connecting south and North America, is a storehouse of breathtaking natural beauty but if crime-rate continues to escalate here on a consistent manner, then the mere thought of Panama travel would become a nightmare for tourists in the nearest future. Hence, I suggest you to think twice before moving ahead on your Panama tour.

The prevalence of a range of diseases in Panama also highlights it as a high-risk zone. Tourists on panama tours easily fall prey to diseases such as Malaria prophylaxis, typhoid, hepatitis B, Leptospirosis and several other ailments. Hence, travellers gearing up to enjoy Panama holidays are instructed to opt for inoculation for diseases like typhoid and are also advised to take precautionary measures against attacks by mosquitoes.

So, now you know whether you should opt for a Panama trip or decide against it. Right, guys?


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  2. Panama is not what everybody is selling, it is not the tropical paradise it is being praised as. The Panamanians Hate American's and each other. The Blog sites stay away from them Especially the www.panama-guide.com site this is run by an Expat Land scammer, fronting as a creditable reporter, this guy DON WINNER, can't spell and his reports are either copied or stolen from other creditable sources or just made up to get people that uncover he is the leading crook in Panama. The Expat community is a group of old poor Americans who have come to Panama to live off their meager Social Security Checks, having read these BS article saying you can live for pennies on the day in Panama. They are stuck here so they take their anger out on the Web on the blog sites.


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